Your Sales Process Can be the Ultimate Killer App

Have you documented your sales process and can you quantify how well it functions within your business? The 80/20 rules implies 80% of our success is determined by 20% of our efforts. And this is no different for growing your business through increased sales of your product or service.

There are three key things to measure and improve to consistently grow revenue. Improve your lead funnel, convert more of those leads to sales and sell more at the point of sale. And to determine marketing programs and improvements it is important to use process mapping to determine how to get better at all three.

By simply mapping your sales process, you can get a better understanding of the sales tactics to generate leads and convert those leads to sales, while simultaneously getting a great idea of the costs involved. Imagine that. You can test out your ideas without spending any money and build a scaleable sales engine at the same time.

From there it is relatively easy to develop a marketing plan and schedule to ensure smooth execution of your sales process by product or service. Fortunately, there are only 7 sales channels to concern yourself with and about 20 marketing strategies. All of which become evident when you map your sales process.

No more worrying about the latest fad or new technology. Better to learn the art of process mapping and apply to your business. And develop a killer tactical marketing plan to 3X your leads and double your conversions.

Don Vanpool

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