The Secret to Great Marketing

There are two ways to view marketing’s purpose in simple terms…

enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospect
answer the number one question on your prospect’s mind… at just the right time

Evaluate your marketing based on those critical criteria.

How does your marketing stack up?

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Today, let’s discuss three critical fundamentals of marketing that are highlighted on the free video I offer as a service to small business owners.

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The three fundamentals of marketing are…

  1. have something good to say
  2. say it well
  3. say it often

Let’s explore that first fundamental today… have something good to say.

This fundamental is neglected by virtually EVERY business owner on the planet.

To have something good to say means that your business MUST be unique when compared to all the others who sell what you sell.

You must be different… there must be something that separates your business from all of your competition.

When businesses copy each other, it forces those businesses into price competition, because price then becomes the ONLY differentiator for prospects to consider.

It becomes the ONLY value proposition left to the prospects.

Any business that determines it isn’t unique MUST innovate so it does become unique.

Domino’s Pizza did this back in 1971.

Domino’s became a billion dollar behemoth in an overcrowded market back then.

Did Domino’s make the best pizza? Not even close!

Did they offer comfortable in-house dining like ALL pizza places did back in those days? No way!

Did they offer the largest selection on their menu? NO… they offered the exact same pizza as ALL of their competitors!

They dominated by having something good to say that was radically different back then when compared to ALL the other pizza franchises… fresh hot pizza delivered to you in 30 minutes or less!

But then Domino’s had to innovate in order to make good on that promise.

They specifically targeted hungry college kids living in crowded dorms (densely populated where few had transportation).

Domino’s went to small shopping centers located nearby the various college campuses and rented small storefronts just big enough to accommodate a pizza oven and a preparation counter.

One kid made the pizzas while another delivered them.

The result – Domino’s became a billion dollar behemoth in an overcrowded market.

You can do the EXACT same thing with your business.

And if you do, you will be well on your way to dominating your market, just like Domino’s did.

Next week, let’s discuss fundamental #2, say it well.

See you then.

Don Vanpool

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