The Obstacle is the Way

Often in our professional lives we face obstacles or issues that inhibit our progress in a project or big career move. That obstacle is often a feeling we get when we have an idea that is rejected, a colleague questions our approach or a manager wonders aloud if we really are solving the issue assigned. And all too often we simply ignore this feeling and it becomes an obstacle to progress. It could be that feeling in our gut that we just aren’t good enough or that imposter syndrome that shows up all too often. And it is this obstacle that truly becomes the way to success. It is this very consistent feeling we chose to ignore that can be the learning we need to move forward with our big plans for that next promotion or to start a business.

There are some simple steps to leverage this feeling or obstacle into the deep learning that will move you forward.

-Recognize and name the feeling
-Bore deep into the emotion and make it more real
-Realize you can spend time with the negative emotion
-Recognize the energy you release
-Create a strategy to move forward each time this feeling arises

Recognize and name the feeling

It is that obstacle in our way that hinders action that will forward our own agenda. It can be that feeling you get when a colleague dismisses an idea you have or the way you are managing a big project at work. It can be as simple as a loss of confidence or questioning our own capabilities. Or maybe you were not the one selected for a big promotion or job at work that would have moved you forward in your career. And now the disappointment is creating a lack of action and a lack of confidence. Recognize that emotion and name it to make it even more real.

Bore deep

And now the key is to stay with that emotion and bore deep into what that feeling truly is and make it more real with a simple metaphor. The dismissal of my idea feels like a punch to the gut or not getting that job has created an empty void that cannot be filled. The half-life of that emotion can be much shorter when we simply spend the time recognizing it exists and focusing at a deeper level.

Empower yourself by spending time with the obstacle or negative emotion

When we ignore the obstacle, it does not remove itself or cease to exist. Indeed, this obstacle is often the way to move our own agenda forward as a person or a business executive. When we allow ourselves to recognize this state of our mind and to truly focus on what is created, we realize we are fully capable of creating strategies to move beyond the obstacle and it begins to lose its meaning. We are not only stronger than we think we are, we have many more resources at our disposal than we ever realized. More importantly we can learn to use this to shift our energy into a much more positive space and make the obstacle the key to our success.

Create a strategy

We will not remove these emotions from our daily lives, however by creating a strategy to truly work with them and move forward will be both liberating and transformative. It can be as simple as writing down the instances where they occur and then a simple journal each morning about how you felt and the actions you can take. Or any number of other very straight forward examples. And then the obstacle truly is the way.

Whether you are working on a promotion, a new job or trying to grow your business, you will face these obstacles from time to time. The key is to feel comfortable being with them. It is developing the muscle to make them the path to success and empowering yourself to grow and succeed that is the learning.

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