How You Can Make Life Changing Breakthroughs and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Often when I coach business owners or executives the real coaching isn’t the topic they bring, the real coaching is around what has them stuck in inaction. Some of the more obvious answers are not what we need to work through; it is what is below the surface that really is the issue. The above the iceberg discussion around finding a job or prioritizing business initiatives really is simply a symptom of what lies below. Generally, it is aligning to ones values or taking a different perspective that create the actions needed to break out of the rut we are in. Like a deeply grooved album we simply play the same play list over and over whether it serves us or not.

Examples of this could be simply saying yes to numerous projects and not completing any of them to our standards or staying in a job because somehow that feels safer than all the other and numerous possibilities in our lives. And all the while we experience the dissonance that comes from not living the values that are critically important to living a full life.

And this focus and a shift in focus creates the real opportunity of finding a new job that is more in line with our contributions and values. Or truly serving the clients we have and even amplifying that service by referring to others or creating on line content they can access 24X7. And that is the real work that needs to be done through values clarification, dealing with the negative inner voice or changing our perspective

And the key action here is to better understand the purpose and values that makes us truly feel alive. And to create actions that are aligned with a compelling vision of life that are the really critical priorities to move you forward toward your goals. Taking different perspectives, making choices, creating a strategy and making a commitment to action.

If you are looking to make a transformation in your life or business schedule a complimentary meeting with me and we can conduct a 30 minute discovery session to determine our fit as partners in your life’s journey.

To Your Success