How you can create dynamic content that will generate all the leads your business will ever need

There is a simple way to develop great content, and then use it to create a multitude of products and services that will add additional support and revenue for your business. Your first job is to write out a series of 20 questions, along with the answers to those questions.

I’ll bet that as a small business owner you constantly get asked the same questions over and over about what you do and about your product and/or service. Sit down and write out your list of the top ten most frequently asked questions you hear from your prospects and clients.

Next, write out the top ten questions that your prospects and clients “should” be asking. These are the questions that they don’t know they don’t know. These are the things that they need to know about your product or service, but don’t.

The reason for writing down these twenty questions simply comes down to the basics of effective marketing. Prospects will buy what they want, not what they need. They want an expert, someone who can help them accomplish their goals and objectives.

These twenty questions position you as the expert. The first ten questions answer all of the questions prospects have about what you do, and the next ten establish credibility, rapport and position you as the expert in their eyes. It’s very important that you take your time and create these questions accurately.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume you have a business helping other businesses attract more clients and close more sales. Here are the top ten most frequently asked questions in that type of business,

  1. How can I generate more leads/ customers?
  2. How can I make more money/profits?
  3. How can I get prospects to visit my website?
  4. How can I make money using my website?
  5. How can I be sure your process helps me build my business?
  6. How can I make my products or services business different from my com- petitors?
  7. How do I get my prospects to actually buy rather than look?
  8. Why isn’t my marketing working like it used to?
  9. What should I say when someone ask me “what I do?”
  10. How can I find the time to do everything I need to get done?

Now let’s examine the ten things people SHOULD ask,

  1. Who is my target client and why is it so important to find them?
  2. How does my target client make a decision to buy what I sell?
  3. How do I create a short message that practically compels prospects to buy what I sell?
  4. What is lifetime value and why is it important for me to know it?
  5. What is a sales process and how can I find out what it should be for my business?
  6. What is the “marketing equation” and where should it be used?
  7. What is the “sales equation” and why does it close so many sales?
  8. What’s the difference between a landing page and a website, and which one do I need in my business?
  9. Be sure you answer each of these 20 questions thoroughly and accurately. Once you do, you now have all the content you need to create additional products and services?
  10. How can social media help me grow my business?
  11. How can I get my clients to give me more referrals?

Be sure you answer each of these 20 questions thoroughly and accurately. Once you do, you now have all the content you need to create additional products and services. And you have great content to write great reports and start building an email list to market your products and services.

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