How to Always be Present and Make an Impact

This week marks the first anniversary of my last day in the “office”. On that day 1 year ago, I did not know it was my last day or that as I left I would never return. That everything in my office would be a time capsule for how I left that evening. Or that I would never see my work teams again in person; or in some cases never see them again. Mindfulness and being present are hot topics in our business communities and this event brings the concept into focus more than ever


This lesson has helped me in many ways in my day to day interactions with colleague, clients and family. Realizing that anything I do could be the last time keeps the importance of mindfulness in sharp focus.


This lesson can help an individual stay present in each moment with family or work colleagues. Are you really listening? Are you contributing to your full capacity? Are you really conveying a sense of commitment to the other person? We may not get a second change for any of these things. I don’t believe in regret however I would have acted much differently that day through this lens.


And translating this into a business context means giving meetings, coaching sessions and reviews your full attention. Put away the phone and truly listen to others. Contribute as if this is the last time you will have the opportunity to contribute to those in the room. This could mean providing recognition for even seemingly small contributions and coaching on the micro skills necessary to execute on business plans. Act as if this is the last time you will have the opportunity to help your team succeed.


Focus on the tangible outcomes as well. Can you add more to ensure goals are met or that people in the room feel appreciated? As you conduct reviews with your team, are you providing the feedback and support they need to hit business goals? As you review plans with your team, your full attention is necessary to give your full weight to the team and leverage your years of experience. You can also get a sense of what is not said and what needs to be said.


If you read my blog from last week, you will see notes on how to manage teams remotely. Take those lessons learned and by fully present with your team. And even in a remote, dispersed workforce you can create and execute a strategy that truly set your organization apart.


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