Creating Your Market Dominating Sales Process

When creating your sales process, you should actually begin with the end in mind. Start with your target market and distribution channels and work your way to marketing tactics. Too often business owners start with random tactics and wonder why they are not working or why they are not getting a return on their marketing investment.

Begin by identifying the characteristics of every person that could want your products or services and then identify the needs of these various segments in your market. These needs help define a niche that you are passionate about serving and that will sustain your business through the startup phase. In essence, your niche is why you get up every morning to serve your customers. When this niche is determined and its needs are established, you can move on to defining the characteristics of your target market. You can also determine your unique selling proposition to set your business apart from the myriad of competitors.

Armed with this information, you can then select your appropriate sales channels and map your sales activities back to appropriate marketing strategies which could include advertising, joint ventures and several others. These strategies can then be mapped to specific tactics such as banner ads, public speaking or e-books to name a few and can be branded and marked with unique selling propositions created for specific target markets. The goal is to not on only attract leads, but instantly qualify those leads prior to any sales meeting.

From here, the business owner can create sales scripts and training to optimize sales rep efforts and convert leads to actual business. More importantly, with everything documented, you can continually review various parts of the process to improve them, resulting in increased revenue year over year and truly serve the niche market you are so passionate about.

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