7 Secrets of a Winning Landing Page

Online marketing has become the marketing strategy of choice for many businesses over the last decade, yet a lot of businesses still struggle to implement best practices.  Today we’re going to give you some training on the subject of landing pages.

Landing pages are a vital part of your online marketing strategy.  Designed to get prospects to opt-in and provide targeted information, these web pages need to be optimized to entice your prospects to respond.

So how can you create a winning Landing page for your business?

7 Secrets of a Winning Landing Page

#1 No exit links. Make it so the prospect can do only one thing on your squeeze page: give you their email address–or bail.

#2 Privacy Statement. People are smart and don’t like to give their information away freely, especially when it means getting hounded and spammed later. Let your prospects know that you respect their time and will not sell their information.

#3 Super awesome offer. Give them something they want. A free ebook, educational report, or video series are common options that work well. Be sure to let your prospects know why what you’re giving away will benefit them–or even better, what specific problem it will help them solve. If it feels like a high-pressure sales tactic with little to gain in terms of actionable content, people will click away.

#4 An eyeball-grabbing headline. Make sure your prospects keep their eyes on your page by using an eyeball-grabbing headline. It needs to be specific and curiosity-invoking while promising an important benefit. The stronger your headline is, the more opt-ins you’ll get.

#5 Use psychology when designing. Think about your prospective client and their mindset when designing your squeeze page. All the elements of design like color, button placement, and graphics should be based on knowledge of your prospects’ thinking. Make it desirable for them to opt-in. The easiest way is to use a done-for-you source like LeadPages for drag-and-drop, winning designs.

#7 Make your opt-in easy. When choosing fields for your opt-in box–particularly if it’s their first contact with you–ask for less information to lower the risk. Make it easy for them to use and you will have squeeze page success!

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